Magnificence and Mayhem


Adolescence is a time of enormous change and radical transformation. This is incredibly exciting and equally overwhelming. Big emotions can give way to big drama that can be hard to parent through. When we understand the why behind the actions we tend to have greater compassion for those moving through them. From mood swings to puberty to talking about sex and navigating social media and dating this seminar is a fly by of helpful tips and techniques for parents navigating this season of life.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will gain insight into the adolescent brain and nervous system as it rapidly changes throughout adolescence.

  2. Participants will have a working knowledge of conversation starters and discussion tactics to help draw adolescents out of mood swings and emotional turmoil so they can gain greater understanding of what’s happening underneath the surface.

  3. Participants will walk through diffusing a teenage tantrum, how to handle crisis and what to look for as moods escalate and adolescents become activated in conflict. Once these are identified, participants will have resources to help diffuse these situations well.

  4. Participants will walk away with a basic understanding of mental health in the teenage brain and what is to be expected and when it’s time to seek professional help.

Small Group Curriculum Follow Up

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