Diamond Design


“Who Am I and What’s my purpose?” These are questions that I am hearing in my office from clients as young as 12. With all of the noise in our culture today, especially from the constant barrage of messages via social media, women, both young and old, are being asked to define themselves by a highly curated and filtered ideal. It’s un-attainable and it’s leading to anxiety, depression, eating disorders and even suicidal ideation when not re-defined and captured by truth that brings hope and healing not shame and disgust. Deeply personal and engaging, this keynote brings an intimate look at womanhood from both first and second hand narrative.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will walk away understanding that they are uniquely created and designed with great purpose for a life of great joy.

  2. Participants will come to understand that tragedies and hardships are often the catalyst to growth and without them we don’t become the personal we were designed to be (much like the diamond.)

  3. Through personal narrative the participants will be encouraged to know themselves and their stories better by being led into appropriate vulnerability as presented from the keynote.

  4. Taking a deep dive into the trap of social media, participants will walk away with a greater understanding of the manipulative nature of online facades as well as the impact it has on our brains, especially in crucial developmental periods.

Small Group Curriculum Follow Up

Available upon booking